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Everyone has a story. Here is ours.

A scalable platform empowering you to take control of your OPEX and ROI side by side, in a secure way

The unstoppable evolution from smart metering towards a digitised grid asks for a scalable and costefficient IT platform. A reliable platform that allows you to fully leverage the potential of all your digital assets.

At Netinium®, we strongly believe the key to your success is a scalable platform empowering you to take control of your OPEX and ROI side by side, in a secure way. The Netinium AMM+ platform enables you to take control of your smart grid management via highly automated and uniform management processes. Leading the way for you to take control of the ongoing energy evolution by creating space for innovation to happen.

The smart grid evolution

Empowering you to take control of meeting everchanging demands of the smart grid evolution, without losing track of your operational excellence.

Evolutionary demands, technical quality and smart business models should make the difference when acquiring and integrating new smart devices. In reality, future hardware decisions are most influenced by complex software heritage, in order to avoid the operational challenges of vertically integrating new head end or API software.

With Netinium AMM+, you can always add multiple devices from any brand to your existing infrastructure

Always choose cutting edge hardware technology to meet the ever-changing demands of the energy evolution. Slash the recurring, hidden costs of painful integration activities and change management.

Together, we create a seamless, scalable and inter-operable network infrastructure, enabling uniform and automated processes to manage your entire smart grid.

Our Experience

With over 30 years of experience Netinium offers a future proof solution in traditional smart meter IT architectures. You’ll gain from years track record of research, testing and innovating in head end technology in close consultation with our partner Alliander (Liander).

Our sevice, Your Benefit

Improving your operational efficiency

Highly automated solution

Radically reduces the number of personnel needed for meter operations (typical 4 fte @5million meters).

Enables Unified operations

Helps a utility to implement common management processes and security policies across the entire meter population, irrespective of the type of meter, manufacturer and communication technologies.

You own
our product

We organize training to enable your team to integrate new meters on its own, without having to rearrange your IT architecture with every new hardware aquisition.

Data Driven Architecture

Data is directly served from the Netinium platform to SAP and optionally simultaneously to cloud analytics platforms or other relevant IT systems. This reduces the volume of data in transit, lower response times and enables utilities to act faster on events happening in the grid.

Netinium is the only head end you'll ever need

Head-end technology is what we eat, drink and sleep. We fully focus on this specific technology and invest daily in developing new features and strengthing non-functional qualities.

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Automated line voltage control

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Pro active monitoring of PQ data

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Remote Outage Analysis

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Short term load forecasting

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